Verwacht Lucas Oosten

Website Lambert Oostrum

1 augustus 2024 tot 15 september 2024 Lucas Oosten e.a. Vernissage 3 augustus 2024

Artist Statement:

For this new exhibition, Lucas presents a carefully curated collection of paintings spanning from 2013 to the present day. With the exception of one piece, all works are inspired by the landscape.

The exhibition does not follow a strict chronological order; instead, the works are intuitively juxtaposed, with aesthetics guiding the placement. In 2013, Lucas primarily worked with acrylic paint, using brush and airbrush as his expressive tools. Over the past 7 years, he has developed a preference for oil paint and oil sticks. Despite this change, the landscape generally remains his primary source of inspiration.

Since his time in art school, Lucas has been engaged in a continuous inner struggle between figurative and abstract art. These two currents alternate in his work. Currently, his style leans towards the abstract again, with a thicker application of paint. During his art school years and the period thereafter, landscapes were often approached from a bird’s-eye perspective. Lucas has recently revisited this concept, now under the title “Beauty in a Bird’s Eye View.” The works embody the beauty or ruggedness of the landscape, as only birds can experience it.

Lucas Oosten