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Hans de Bruijn is a talented and innovative artist known for his unique style and vision. His works are a feast for the eyes and will surely make an impression on you. This exhibition features industrial paintings and landscapes by Hans, among others. Below are a few examples.

“In addition to the subject, it is his choice of paint, and the passion for the expressive power of paint.” “Hans de Bruijn paints in the expressionist tradition, which he manipulates by ‘sculpting’ the creamy thick paint with brush and knife, thus working it so that, through his direction from the chaos of movement, the visionary image emerges.”

From the monograph “Magic of Paint” by Jetteke Bolten, former director of Museum de Lakenhal

“The romantic tradition, which in his hands is allowed to demonstrate its enduring vitality, looks forward and backward, all within the same image, and finds in that sublime ambiguity its greatest strength.”

From the monograph “Hans de Bruijn, A World in Paint” by Arnold Heumakers, Author of: “The Aesthetic Revolution – How Enlightenment and Romanticism Invented Art”

the exhibition "Dutch people RE-SEEN" in the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam

Hans de Bruijn.